Cerruti 1881

The House of CERRUTI 1881 was founded by the Cerruti Brothers, Antonio, Quintino and Stefano in Italy. It was reputed for its manufacture of wool and luxurious textiles of highest quality and soon gains international reputation for perfection and authenticity.

Building on the brand’s philosophy of luxury fabrics & clean cutting, CERRUTI 1881 continues to refine understated Italian sophistication and elegance as reflected in its contemporary designs.

위치——ロケーション:Shop 1220, Level M
Shoppes at Four Seasons

日曜日 – 木曜日 午前10時 - 午後11時
金曜日 – 土曜日 午前10時 - 深夜12時

電話番号:+853 2899 9820