A while ago, Beckham discovered an alluring taste of Macao; years later, he’s back searching for this memorable flavor. From the eager taxi driver (Qiao Shan), to the lovely girl next door (Liu Yan), and the overprotective chef (Lam Suet) and waitstaff (Yang Di and Cao Tu Jun), every encounter in his adventurous quest is thrilling yet serendipitous. At the end, Beckham found the gracious lady (Luo Lan) from his recollection, his queen of custard tarts; he has located her new shop and reacquainted with that taste of warm hospitality she had once extended to him, at Sally’s Bakery. “That’s The Taste” takes you on a flavorful journey of Macao, accompanying you on a quest through the culinary gifts and heritage of the city.

Come and trace David Beckham’s footsteps and start your own journey of culinary discovery! Can you get to Sally’s bakery in Macao faster than Beckham? There are more surprises and unforgettable moments for you to experience. What are you waiting for?